The Nike Breaking2 Campaign
The original inspiration came from the Nike "Breaking2" campaign. Nike set out to see if a runner, with near perfect training and race conditions, could run a marathon in under 2 hours. The physical feat is daunting when you realize the runner would need to sustain a 2 minute 16.5 second 800m pace. Inspired by the project, and knowing that breaking 2 hours solo wasn't possible ... the idea to break the 2 hour marathon barrier in relay was born.
The Original Concept Team
In November of 2017, we set out to test the concept of a high-speed relay using 200m legs on a college track. We wanted to break 1 hour in the Half Marathon distance, which we did! Logistics and several key elements were successfully tested and proven that day, and we had a blast running together. All 8 of us alternated for 13 legs of 200m each, with a final time of 0:57:59.10.
The Final Chapter - June 15th, 2018
Confident that a relay team can break the 2 hour barrier, we had to set our sites higher. The obvious next step would be to set the world record! We recruited 60 top athletes in our bid to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ for the Fastest marathon distance in relay. The previous record was 1:38:50 (set in 1998 in Japan), but we broke it at 1:30:40.316!